EOS BM: Good things are coming(6月)

EOS 6月份将有大事发生:

Good things are coming


Is that so? Do tell me what we are missing that they have

Replying to:

Cardano tech is real and is gonna make the difference in the long run – they have tech that eos or others blockchain platform doesn’t have now. eos is fine and both can do well – just dyor

A public roadmap will disclose everything we have been and will be working on. A date has been set..

Things are happening. Team is just as excited to share it with you all as you all are to hear it.

Sorry. Marketing team in control. I’ve already shared a bit too much.

June is coming

The code for dex will come out 去中心化交易所

The legal framework for tokens and digital asset trading is the biggest challenge to mass adoption 合规

Side chains are future 侧链

Mainnet is glue

I believe in eating our dog food. We are building something that will require multiple chains to work in harmony at scale. We will likely be first to horizontal scaling of blockchain apps by years. 跨链

Brendan has assembled a world class team that is preparing to make big moves in June. 组建了世界级的团队,由block.one CEO

Until we launch our own world class large scale dapp it is difficult to generalize a solution 推出世界级的DAPP

Now I need to build something bigger than Steem with eosio so I can learn to generalize the scaling of eosio 比steem更大的dapp

Eosio can sustain 2000+ transfers per second on our automated testing. No dapp is near that yet

What if onboarding to Steem was properly automated

We need an algorithm that incentive to find popular content before it gets popular 算法:预测将会火起来的事情

I enjoy leaving hints messages that are only obvious in hindsight

I’m surprised no one has really challenged Steem

One day you will wake up to ethereum, Tron, and other smart contract platforms building on parts of eos code base. #eos #eth翻译推文下午9:32 – 2019年3月27日 这暗示着EOS.io的IBC(Inter Blockchain Communication,区块链跨链通信协议)即将面世,该规划在EOS白皮书中有提到,想要实现百万TPS,则需要通过IBC来实现。

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